Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bunkhouse filming part 2

A second round of filming for the Bunkhouse DVD took place last Monday. A tiring but enjoyable day, which saw another group of artists perform in front of our cameras.

The new group of VAP students are now settled in, and both year groups have just finished a short course on British Sign Language.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New starts all round

A new group of Freebrough students started the VAP course today, and as of tomorrow, last years Y10s will move into their final year of school.

Meanwhile at the Spotlight Studio...

During the summer a group of artists from the Bunkhouse Country Music Club came into the Spotlight Studio, to be recorded and interviewed for an upcoming DVD project, highlighting the 40 years since the Bunkhouse began.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Another typical day at the mini farm

I went to the mini farm yesterday and I was one hour late so I got five hundred words.

I walked there and got there at eleven o’clock then I cleaned the chickens out put some straw in the nest boxes, I found one egg. I went on to the next job .

Kev, the boss of spotlight, called a dinner break, after we had our dinner we got shown how to use the petrol strimmer.

I moved lots of bricks and rubble then Kev brought us one by one to use the strimmer to see if any body was not suitable to use it, so they could be taught to use it properly. I had a go of the strimmer, it was fun and I wanted another go of it.

I did extra jobs to work off my words, I worked two hundred and fifty words off, so I only had to do two hundred then I told Kane to go get changed so I got an extra fifty words, then I came back to Spotlight and did them in twenty minutes

By Adam Rooks

A typical day at the Spotlight mini farm

Mini Farm

One day I went up the mini farm with Spotlight. We got there by the mini bus. On Wednesday, we picked everyone up then we went up the mini farm. We went to put our P.P.E (Personal Protective Equipment) on, then we went to work.One thing you should know is how to use the tools right.
I went to make trenches then I got some peas, then I put some peas down. Then we went for a break. Then 10 - 15 mins later, Kevin (the boss at Spotlight) gave us different jobs to do.

When we are up ther mini farm we do jobs like cleaning the pigs out and we do planting and digging.

By Daniel Wiseman - Spotlight Student.

Student Blogs

The Year 10 students attending Spotlight have written an article on "a typical working day at the Spotlight Mini Farm."

Two of these have been chosen to be posted on the blog. Work by Daniel Wiseman and Adam Rooks will be posted very soon!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Spotlight mini farm

The Spotlight mini farm is now approaching it's second anniversary. Much of the first year was taken up by cleaning the land, making safe some of the buildings and demolishing others. Last year saw us build up our animal and bird stock, as well as creating an area for growing vegetables, although by the time it was completed, it was well into the growing season. The building of a 12' x 25' poly tunnel has meant that we were able to sow and plant in time for this years growing season.

We have had out first produce for this year, a type of radish called "Rainbow", with a variety of colours and strength in taste. This will be the first of many varieties of vegetable we plan to grow.

We are due to have some new animals arrive very shortly, so watch this space!

-Ged Kirby

Monday, April 30, 2007


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