Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The cluck & grunt project

Spotlight Training and Media run an alternative education programme for 14-16 year olds who find it difficult to engage and learn in a normal school environment. During the programme with us the students learn in a variety of ways and become involved in several projects that benefit the environment and the local community. A group of year 10 students are just embarking on one such project, which has received funding from the Princes Trust, to build housing for animals and birds at the Spotlight Minifarm in Skelton. The project was visited by representatives of the Princes Trust, National Westminster Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland and our M.P. Ashok Kumar, all supporters of this alternative form of education. The students will learn valuable skills during this project as well as the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification that will help them progress into college or employment.

Any school or parent who thinks an individual could benefit from this programme should contact either Ged Kirby or Kevin Bowes on 01287 280004 for further information.


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