Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spotlight Mini Farm video

Well, here it is, the first video from our little media team.

Filming was courtesy of Craig and the interviewing was conducted by Joe. Unfortunately team leader Aaron was having to do work on the farm but we managed to get him in on an interview telling us about things he’s done. You’ll know him when you see him, he’s the bald guy in the gray top.

Hey guys, Aaron here and not a bad video here even if i do say so myself, I think even though they weren't under my god like guidance they still managed without me, I have obviously trained them well.

Be ready and look out for more video’s from us lot in the near future, these could be things such as interviews with local artists, even maybe someone famous! Depends what I'm feeling like on the day, unfortunately I've already turned down an interview with George Clooney, I was tired..

Ciao Guys, Aaron!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spotlight Mini-Farm: What’s the crack?

So, the mini farm, what can I say other than its an allotment with some animals, but enough of the people who are working there.

The mini farm is the place where Spotlight keep all this animals and a place which they open up to the public during in the summer. I was first introduced to the mini farm on my very first day of coming to Spotlight. Some of the jobs are nice and relaxed such as feeding the pigs and filling up the water barrels, but then some of the other jobs are rather strenuous such as weeding and turning over all of the soil, especially since I broke the rotavator, oops.

Also on some days you literally are rolling around in it:


Although there is a lot of hard work goes on, when you actually look into the groups that go up, there is a lot of lazing about.


As a whole the farm is a good place where you can learn a number of new skills, ranging from gardening and feeding animals, all the way up to joinery and brick laying:

DSCF2362 DSCF2337




A good thing is that you are pretty much guaranteed to get a chance to do a bit of everything because the staff try to rotate your jobs as much as possible generally having you doing one job on the morning and another one on the afternoon while the job you were doing on the morning has someone else rotate into it.


Cheers guys, Aaron.